Lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics

It is a type of treatment where the brackets are placed on the inner side of the teeth. This way it is “invisible” from the outside.

This technique found great boom in recent years because it has proven to be widely effective, with the aesthetic advantage so noticeable compared to conventional methods. The term “lingual orthodontics” refers to the fact that the brackets are placed on the “lingual face” of the teeth. In conventional techniques, dental braces are placed on the outer face (vestibular face) of the teeth.

A method of correcting the alignment of the teeth in which the “brackets” are arranged on the inside of the teeth.

Lingual orthodontics allows to treat any type of malposition in the teeth, however complicated it may be. Being personalized for your mouth the results are seen from the first moment.

Discover lingual orthodontics …

No one will notice that you wear brackets

Get a perfect smile, without interfering with your day to day, with the fastest and most advanced invisible orthodontic system on the market. Incognito®: the most discreet path to a beautiful smile.

Ultra-thin brackets tailored to each tooth.

Much more comfortable than traditional brackets.

It is the correction of misaligned teeth, using a fixed device cemented on the inner surface of the teeth.

It works in the same way as conventional braces with total control and movement of the teeth but being almost invisible.

Advantages of an orthodontics:

  • Aesthetics: incognito brackets are the most aesthetic and invisible orthodontic system, nobody will notice that you wear orthodontics, and they will not interfere in your day to day.
  • Comfortable: it is a comfortable orthodontics because the brackets are designed and made to measure for each of your teeth, so it is not you who adapts to your orthodontics but she who adapts to you.
  • Effective: lingual orthodontics allows treating any type of bad position in the teeth, however complicated it may be.
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