Orthodontics with functional appliances

Orthodontics with functional appliances

Functional orthopedics deals with the study, prevention and treatment of stomatognathic system abnormalities.

The objectives of functional maxillofacial orthopedic treatments are to look for stable occlusion, ideal facial aesthetics, and healthy and physiological temporomandibular joint functioning.

It is necessary to take advantage in the child, its period of growth to achieve a prolonged skeletal and dental stability, with less tendency to recurrence.



Devices for rapid expansion of the upper jaw.

Maxillary expansion devices are used to correct unilateral or bilateral cross bite.

Lip shield

The lip shield is an apparatus for the expansion of the lower arch. Thus gaining space as a result of transverse changes and distal molar verticalization movement and forward movement with the upper incisors.

Extraoral apparatus

Extraoral anchoring mechanics is used in cases of upper maxillary protrusion in order to limit its growth forward while the jaw continues to grow (skeletal effect) and move the upper molars distally (dental effect)

Removable appliance

Removable appliances mainly have an effect of tilting teeth. The movement of integral translation of the tooth is produced with fixed apparatus.

It has the advantage that the patient can remove it, but the treatment is inconvenient because if it is not used the consecutive hours the treatment would not be effective.

Chin guard

Apparatus that exert an intense orthopedic force to reduce a mandibular prognathism.

Apparatus for achieving thumb suction and habit control

Prolonged sucking of the fingers or prolonged use of the pacifier and the habit of lingual interposition are causing bad occlusions. These habits can lead to problems in the teeth, if they are not suspended.

Specific devices are used to correct this type of problem.

Facial mask

It is an orthopedic device used in skeletal class III patient.

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