Committed to you

Committed to you

In Dávalos & Balboa, your Dental Clinic in Murcia, we are committed to our patients. We believe in essential values ​​that must be present in our day-to-day lives and those of all the people who are part of this clinic.

We commit to you:

  • With a team of professionals prepared for each treatment. The doctors who will attend you are all specialists in your field.
  • The first visit and orthopantomography will always be free, so your first appointment at our clinic will always be free of charge.
  • With an accurate diagnosis thanks to our digital orthopantomography, radiovisiography, and 3 D computed tomography technology, all available in our facilities.
  • With our professionalism, we study each case individually to always find the best treatments tailored to your needs.
  • In Dávalos & Balboa we are willing to explain the treatments, we are flexible and we adapt to your needs. For us, listening to and answering any of your questions and suggestions is a fundamental part of our way of doing and understanding dentistry and we are committed to achieving it.
  • We offer an excellent treatment for that reason we attach importance to all the details that sometimes go unnoticed and that make the difference between the right and the excellent.
  • We are committed to your time and therefore, all appointments are confirmed and remembered in advance to try to make the clinic wait as short and bearable as possible. In addition, we have a very wide schedule, we attend from 9 to 21 hours from Monday to Friday.
  • We deliver in advance and without obligation closed budgets of each of the possible treatment options for each case.
  • We offer our patients the different forms of payment that best suit their economic situation, once the treatment to be followed has been decided. The payment method will not be a problem at the Dávalos & Balboa dental clinic, offering financing for up to 60 months
  • We are committed to the safety and health of our patients through a cycle of disinfection and sterilization of our instruments, as well as the use of disposable material:

-We use all disposable material available in the market for single use, such as glasses, bibs, saliva ejectors, needles, surgical vacuum cleaners, gloves, sutures, cottons, gauze, brushes, material applicators, fluoridation pails, and a long list of dental material prepared for single use.

-Disinfection of instruments by immersion in a bactericidal-virucidal disinfectant solution.

-Ultrasonic cleaning: Eliminates the dirt present in the instruments through its ultrasonic vibration.

-Embedded of the instruments: In special bags that keep the instruments in sterile conditions for long periods of time, until a new use.

-Sterilization: Destroys all contaminating microorganisms (pathogens and non-pathogens) present in an instrument. We have the most effective and safe sterilizer is the autoclave, an apparatus that exposes instruments to steam at high temperature and pressure. We use the high-end daily autoclave (W&H LINA).

-Control of sterility with colorimeters that verify that the correct sterility of the material in each bag and periodic controls of all the instruments and machinery of the clinic.

-Storage of the instumental until new use.

For us each patient is unique, and so we want you to feel.

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