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In Dávalos & Balboa we are very aware of the reason why we have become a reference dental clinic in Murcia, and the confidence of our patients is the pillar and the basis of the development of our activity. Therefore, every time a patient comes to our office we try to thank their trust with sincerity, honesty and offering the best possible treatment for their specific case, in the best way we know how to do it: planning individualized solutions to achieve natural, healthy results. and durable.

In our facilities you will find a close and quiet environment in which to solve your doubts and problems.

While you wait for a consultation, in our waiting room there are current magazines and information on the treatments and materials available, as well as a minibar with soft drinks and water.

Radiodiagnostic equipment is fundamental in contemporary dentistry, and that is why in Dávalos & Balboa we have the best technology in cutting-edge appliances.

With the digital orthopantomgraph, panoramic radiographs are performed for the initial diagnosis. The sharpness of the image, as well as the low radiation dose, allow a safe and accurate exploration of the entire facial massif. In addition, also digital Radiovisiography allows us a greater exploratory detail in cases where it is necessary. And of course, as a final climax, the Dávalos & Balboa put at your disposal a computerized Tomography of Conical Beam, to plan treatments with pinpoint accuracy and in a three-dimensional way. Being this Conical Beam technology decreases the dose well below that of conventional Computerized Tomography, Axial or Helicoidal type, in addition to increasing the sharpness above 70 microns, to visualize even the smallest detail.

Already entering the cabinets, the latest generation dental chairs will provide comfort and safety. The viscoelastic upholstery will allow you to relax. We also have a surgical lamp and the most advanced rotary instruments.

In the dental clinic in Murcia Dávalos & Balboa we are clear that there is a great competition in the dental sector today, and that the only way to stand out is to differentiate, and that is why we have the best technical means and the best specialists in each area .




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