Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is the surgical part of our specialty, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases, problems and aesthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth and gums. In the dental clinic Dávalos & Balboa, in Murcia, oral surgery is one of the most demanded specialties, we offer the most current treatments with the most advanced techniques.

The most common surgical procedure is dental extraction, both simple exodontics and root canal exodontics or intraosseally retained teeth.

The reasons why you may require a tooth extraction are very diverse:

  • An impacted or partially erupted wisdom tooth that causes problems in the rest of the dentition.
  • Teeth impossible to repair after having suffered a significant caries, a root fracture or severe trauma.
  • Teeth with severe periodontal involvement that are unviable.
  • Milk teeth that have not exfoliated in their time and prevent the correct eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatments that require the extraction of a dental piece to obtain the space necessary for dental alignment and achieve optimal results.

Among the most common Oral Surgery Treatments, Implantology stands out:

Dental implants are already a common option to replace missing teeth or provide stability to a new or old denture. The procedure may change depending on the technique used by the oral surgeon. Most people who receive an implant recover within the same period of time as those who receive a tooth extraction.

Another frequent procedure of a surgical type in dentistry is the removal of soft tissue lesions or maxillary cysts and the taking of biopsies for anatomopathological study. Taking biopsies is essential in the diagnosis of various pathologies in oral medicine.

When there are some symptoms that indicate the possibility of suffering an important problem, it may be necessary to perform an oral surgery process to detect the problem. The most common procedure among these is the biopsy performed to diagnose diseases of the oral mucosa (oral lichen planus, bullous pemphigoid, burning mouth syndrome, pemphigus, discoid lupus, …) or to study the maxillary tumor masses (nasopalatine duct cysts, globulomaxillary cysts, inflammatory root cysts, dentigerous cysts, …)

The pathological study is also essential for screening and early diagnosis of oral cancer. For this the periodic review of the mucous membranes is essential.

Other also surgical branches of dentistry are surgical periodontics (free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts, coronary lengthening and gingivectomies, coronal or lateral replacement flaps, …), endodontic microsurgery (surgical removal of the root apex and granulation tissue associated periradicular), and today the most advanced are the regeneration techniques, both of bone regeneration, such as guided tissue regeneration, bone grafting (in block or particulate) … of which you can request more information in our consultation. Our surgeons will be happy to assist you.

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