What is Invisalign?

The latest advances and the application of new technologies allow for faster, more comfortable and aesthetic treatments, such as the revolutionary Invisalign Invisible orthodontic system. In the Dental Clinic Dávalos & Balboa, in Murcia, within the area of ​​orthodontics, as in the rest of the specialties, we presume to make available to our patients the best and most innovative techniques, being Invisalign a clear exponent of treatment that combines the more advanced technology and the most spectacular results.



Consequently, your life, your appearance, your confidence … will improve invisibly. In addition to the aesthetic and painless advantage, this system implies enormous comfort for the patient, fewer revisions, allows excellent oral hygiene, and ultimately, does not interfere with your rhythm of life. It is a treatment that has the personal seal of quality of Dávalos & Balboa, for its predictability, the most important of any treatment, for its advanced technology, with the previous design of the 3D treatment, with which you can see the final result before to start, and for your comfort.

Invisalign correctly positions the teeth by means of virtually invisible and removable aligners that are manufactured to fit your teeth to guarantee you the greatest comfort.

Doctor Dávalos will review the treatment and deliver the corresponding aligners in each phase of treatment. Your teeth will move gradually, gradually and week after week, until they are in the ideal position previously planned.

Advantages of Invisalign:

  • Transparent: nobody will notice that you are wearing it.
  • Clean and removable: it is removed to eat and brush our teeth.
  • Comfortable: without any metallic element that irritates your mouth.
  • Predictable: we know how our smile ends before starting with Invisalign treatment.

Treatment process.

An Invisalign® treatment plan® designed for you

Dr. Dávalos, recognized with the distinctive Dr. Diamond  of Invisalign, the highest category, which distinguishes exclusively 3% of the specialists in this technique (Invisalign) who have the maximum experience and knowledge of it, will carefully design your treatment plan in 3D with the Invisalign ClinCheck® Pro Software. In your virtual study or ClinCheck, the movements that your teeth will follow throughout the treatment are shown. This allows you to see, before you start, what your teeth and smile will look like at the end of the treatment. From here, Invisalign custom manufactures a series of transparent aligners to gradually move your teeth to the final position. The aligners take about 20 hours a day and are removed to eat or brush your teeth.

Smiling at every stage of the process

When the Invisalign treatment begins, you will carry each set of custom made aligners for two weeks. As you change the game of aligners, your teeth will gradually move gradually until they are in the final position.

During this time, you will have occasional follow-up appointments with the specialist to monitor your progress and make sure you are comfortable with the treatment.

Designed to fit your daily routine

The time needed to complete the treatment varies depending on the person and the complexity of the dental problem. Invisalign can adapt to your situation and meet your goals, we will look for the optimal treatment option for you.

Dávalos & Balboa, Invisalign Diamond 

Invisalign is a system designed to treat virtually all cases that require correction of the position of the teeth, from small dental movements to more complex cases. Whatever the problem, the result will be a new uniform and harmonious smile that everyone will want to teach.

We all know that price is a very important factor. As in the rest of orthodontic treatments, the cost of Invisalign depends on your case and varies depending on the complexity of your dental problem and the duration of the necessary treatment. In Dávalos & Balboa we have the experience of being an Invisalign dental clinic in Murcia, and our orthodontist, Dr. Juan Carlos García Dávalos will carefully design your 3D treatment plan with the Invisalign ClinCheck Pro Software.

We put at your disposal all the knowledge and experiences of our Doctor recognized with the distinctive Dr. Diamond recognition granted for the large number of cases successfully resolved with this technique, he is the reference doctor in Murcia in Invisalign. Come and ask for free advice, we will be happy to assist you.

If you want to improve your smile and the alignment of your teeth, make an appointment with us. In Dávalos & Balboa dental clinic, in the center of Murcia, you will receive a complete diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan and a budget without commitment. As we see in our day to day, this technique is one of the most satisfaction achieved in all our patients, even the most demanding and also at the price of conventional orthodontics.

Invisalign, Look your best smile!


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