Endodontics is a conservative treatment that involves the removal of irreversibly inflamed pulp tissue or necrotic pulp tissue of the tooth or teeth affected by this pathology. It is what is popularly known as “killing the nerve.”

The purpose of endodontic treatment is to return its functionality to the tooth and end the infection and the pain caused by the infection.

In the Dental Clinic in Murcia Dávalos & Balboa in a first phase the ducts are cleaned with high resistance rotary instruments (rotary endodontic files), removing the nerve and blood vessels. Subsequently, the duct is sealed with a special material for it, which is made with hot gutta percha for a perfect three-dimensional seal.

Endodontic treatment is applied in several cases such as:

  • Inflammation and infection of a caries (most common cause).
  • Fractures in teeth.
  • After traumatic injuries to the teeth when there is pulp involvement.
  • Periodontal involvement.
  • Wear caused by grinding between the teeth (bruxist patient).

In Dental Clinic Dávalos & Balboa, in Murcia, we have cleaning and sealing material of leading brands and the latest technology such as 3D radiography (TAC 3 D) to visualize three-dimensionally the shape and length of the ducts of the piece to endodontize, of this form will be a perfect cleaning and sealing of them.


  • It is the only treatment that can save a tooth of its own once caries has reached the nerve.
  • Eliminates dental infection.
  • The materials with which the nerve conduit is filled are bio-compatible.
  • It is the most conservative treatment.

Phases of treatment:

  • Local anesthesia of the area to be treated.
  • Isolation of the tooth to avoid contamination during treatment.
  • Opening the pulp chamber, we prepare the ducts to work.
  • Conductometry, a very important phase, since you have to clean the ducts very well to avoid treatment failure.
  • Root canal sealing.
  • Reconstruction of the dental piece.

The head of the Endodontics area, Dr. Sergio Martín, is a Master in Endodontics from Southern Mississippi University.

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