The Increase of Bone in Implantology

Unfortunately, in many cases, the bone loss that some patients present is so serious that we must resort to complex bone augmentation techniques, in order to solve their oral status and rehabilitate them, mainly with dental implants.

Surgical techniques aimed at recovering the lost bone that can be produced by processes as diverse as aging, periodontal disease, tooth loss, alveolar fractures, cysts and tumors of the jaws, to highlight some of them, are also very diverse.


In the Dental Clinic Dávalos & Balboa we are specialists in Oral Implantology, and we have been doing all kinds of Bone Augmentation Techniques for years.


Types of Bone Graft in Implantology:

– Autologous bone graft.

It is the one obtained from the same patient, from another donor surgical area, which may be of extra or intraoral origin.

A traumatic way of obtaining very frequent bone in Implantology is the use of bone that is obtained with implant preparations using different bone pickers such as bone filters, scrapers, or strawberry bone collection in milling techniques. biological. This allows small amounts of spongy bone to be obtained in a completely painless manner.

When larger and more complex grafts are necessary, we use the mandibular, chin or tuberositary branch grafts.

This type of graft is the “gold standard” in Implantology due to its osteogenic, osteoinductive and osteoconductive capacity.

– Xenografts

Xenografts have their origin in other species, and are mainly of bovine and porcine origin. This type of graft has a great behavior due to its low rate of resorption and its osteoconductive capacity. It is currently one of the most used implants in Implantology and with great results. In Dental Clinic Dávalos y Balboa we use this technique many times for its high acceptance and simplicity.

– Aloplastic grafts

These grafts are obtained synthetically and have the advantage of not requiring the patient’s donor area, as well as providing unlimited volume. They are increasingly used.

In Dávalos and Balboa we will be happy to evaluate your case and present the best alternatives for your treatment.

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