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The maxillary sinus is a cavity located in the upper maxillary bone that is part of the paranasal sinuses. These, in turn, are a set of cavities that communicate with the nostrils and influence daily activities such as breathing or phonation.

Sinus elevation, or better, sinus modification, is one of the bone augmentation techniques that we use to increase bone availability in the posterior sectors of the upper jaw. It is preferably used to achieve correct implant placement in the area of ​​the upper molars when there is not enough bone height.

The aim is to increase the amount of bone available vertically in the areas where the patient, for whatever reason, has experienced a bone loss that prevents proper implant support.

It is done by adding the patient’s own bone, or synthetic, between the floor of the jaw and the sinus membrane that detaches upwards in order to make room for the bone that will regenerate and allow the implants to be fixed.

Maxillary sinus lift is an effective, safe and painless technique performed with local anesthesia.

Our specialist, Dr. Cristina Balboa, with great experience in this technique, will determine if you are a candidate to undergo this intervention. For this, a timely radiographic study and proper and thorough planning are necessary.

Depending on the initial bone base that the patient has, we can perform implant placement immediately and simultaneously with the sinus modification procedure or in a different procedure.

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