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The third molars, also known colloquially as “wisdom teeth”, because their eruption time is around 18 years of age, are the last teeth that are located in our dentition, in a position immediately after the last permanent teeth that are the second molars, which erupt around 12 years of age. The space for these teeth to erupt is usually quite limited and, in many cases, wisdom teeth fail to erupt properly or only partially erupt, which causes many accidents and complications.

The failure of the complete eruption by the third molars can have several causes. Sometimes it is due to the impact of the third molars under the second molars. In most cases its impossibility for the eruption is due to the lack of space in the dental arch, due to the evolutionary reduction in our species in the size of our jaws.

The most frequent pathology of the third molar is Pericoronaritis. It is the infection of the pericoronary tissue of the molar in question, and usually presents with pain, which can radiate to the ear and mandibular branch, purulent suppuration, facial inflammation, halitosis and sometimes feverish.

In addition, the third molar included or semi-retained can produce:

  • Peeling plaques or alopecia areata in our hair.
  • Be the origin of a dentigerous cyst, or other odontogenic cysts until remote malignancy.
  • And cause a multitude of problems in the second molar due to its eruption attempts, such as root resorption and tooth decay due to food impaction.

In addition, sometimes the exodontics of the third molar may be necessary for orthodontic reasons, that is, to be able to correctly align the rest of the pieces of the arch.

For the diagnosis of Third Molar Pathology, radiological examination with a previous orthopantomography is key and sometimes a 3D study with Computerized Tomography is required to see the relationship of the third molar with other nearby anatomical structures such as the inferior dental nerve.

This intervention is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. The duration of the intervention is around 30 minutes. In Dávalos & Balboa we are Specialists in Oral Surgery and have extensive experience in this intervention. Come and consult your doubts, we will be happy to assist you. In addition, the consultation and the complete radiological study have no cost to our patients.


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