Digital Smile Design

Smile Digital Design

In Dávalos & Balboa, your dental clinic in Murcia, we give great importance to the details, which are what make the difference between a good treatment and an excellent treatment.

That is why we have specialized in Smile Digital Design.

Through a series of photos of your mouth, models of it and measurements on the teeth such as length, width, shape and angles we study a series of parameters such as the curve of the smile, the height of the gum of each tooth and others aesthetic aspects.

The goal is to digitally plan a harmonious and proportionate smile, which suits your face perfectly, and that we will show you on the computer, in a waxed diagnostic model and in your own mouth !.

First you can see how the new smile we have designed for you looks, in a rigorous and fully personalized way. So that there are no surprises and you know perfectly what you are going to get. Because your confidence and tranquility are keys to success, which is none other than getting your full satisfaction.

We will also test it in your mouth with the technique known as Mock-up (Aesthetic Test) so you can see how that smile would look on your face before starting the treatment, with the color and shape of teeth most suitable for you.

Our experience has shown us the importance of a correct feed back process with the patient and the great subjectivity of aesthetics. This way we will adapt 100% to your personal needs and preferences!

That is why we will show you the final result before starting, with the diagnostic waxing and the Mock-up, so that we all go in the same direction: aesthetic success and to ensure a highly predictable and satisfactory result for you.

The Digital Smile Design is a very important element. With Digital Design we can modify and test any detail of the aesthetics of your mouth and teeth. What do you think? Do you dare to try it?

The quality of a treatment depends on its predictability. In this sense, the Digital Smile Design is a fundamental weapon in which to rely on any aesthetic treatment.

Dental Clinic Dávalos & Balboa, always at the forefront! Come and ask us your questions, we are looking forward to showing you your best smile.


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