Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the most conservative aesthetic treatment, through which we can clarify the color of the teeth. In addition, it is indicated in the treatment of teeth with stains (stains and discolorations) or simply because the natural color of the tooth has darkened over the years.

It is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments in our clinic, because it is a treatment that fully respects the integrity of our teeth.

This treatment does not produce any modification in its structure or composition, it does not weaken the tooth at all or harm the enamel, we will simply modify its color, clarifying the color of an intermediate layer of the tooth, dentin, which is under the enamel.

Teeth Whitening is a process in which the value of tooth color is increased.

(Increase the value: “amplitude of light that defines the color; the closer to the black, the lower the value of the color, the closer to the white, the higher the value”)

The objective is:

First of all, get a harmonious and beautiful smile, returning to your teeth a suitable color to your aesthetic needs in the shortest possible time, with simple and painless procedures, and without side effects. Following simple treatment instructions and practicing proper oral hygiene, teeth whitening is maintained for years.

In Dávalos & Balboa, your Dental Clinic in Murcia, we use different types of teeth whitening depending on the needs and requirements, choosing the most suitable bleaching agent for each person due to the characteristics of their teeth, choosing the concentration of the same, exposure time About the tooth and other issues we will be happy to explain.

Our whitening specialist, Dr. Emilio Dávalos, Master in Dental Aesthetics, will indicate the whitening technique that is most suitable for you, since at Davalos & Balboa we have two types of bleaching:

  • A more progressive one, such as whitening splints, which consists of a series of splints tailored for each patient where the bleaching product is injected, these splints should be worn by the patient between 4 or 5 hours a day, although we recommend that get at the end of the day, when we return home.


  • And the revolutionary treatment with led light, with the best whitening system currently available, Philips ZOOM White Speed:
    • With this treatment, your teeth will look 8 whiter shades in just a 45-minute session.
    • Maintaining its hydration and natural shine.
    • The LED accelerator emits 100% more intense light than any of the competition lamps, so your teeth will look whiter in just 45 minutes.
    • In addition you will not have to worry about sensitivity, since within the treatment you have a product that is administered two days before and that prevents it from appearing.
    • Maximum effectiveness on partially or heavily stained teeth.



In Davalos & Balboa we have already been able to verify the results obtained in one session live and direct and our patients are very satisfied with the results.

With hardly any effort and in no more than 45 minutes they have been able to enjoy an 8 whiter smile!




Because for us the most important thing is our patients and we want you to enjoy the most avant-garde technology and the best brands, in order to always guarantee you the best results.

This type of technology is number 1 in the United States and is backed by very important professionals in the Dentistry sector.

So we assure you that you will notice the results from the first moment.



In conclusion, our goal with these treatments is to get whiter teeth and that the patient therefore looks a younger and prettier smile. Come and ask us! You will see how good a radiant smile feels!


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