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Veneers Without carving in Murcia

At the Dávalos & Balboa Dental Clinic, in Murcia, we are proud to offer our patients the best treatments. Within the philosophy of minimally invasive treatments that we offer, the veneers without dental carving shine, also known as unprepared veneers, micro-veneers or contact lenses veneers (because they are thin, about 0.4 mm thick) a aesthetic treatment with a totally predictable and impressive result in which it is not necessary to carve or wear the tooth that will take the dental veneer.

The facets without carving or without filing of the tooth are a permanent non-invasive aesthetic solution that can be used in multiple cases, such as fractured, worn, separated teeth … allowing us to give the desired shape, size and color without touching the tooth or teeth in which the veneers or porcelain sheets will be attached.

The result obtained with the veneers without carving the tooth is simply spectacular, since the tooth remains intact and healthy. The key to this treatment is, without a doubt, adherence, one of the aspects in which dentistry in general has advanced the most, and aesthetic dentistry in particular in the last ten years. The aesthetic possibilities for this type of treatment of veneers without carving the tooth are very high today.

Among the main advantages of microcarillas, the lower post-operative sensitivity stands out, since the adhesion is carried out in the enamel, it also strengthens the weakened or cracked enamel. It also avoids having to place temporary veneers, allows permanent whitening, and most importantly, is the one that prevents the reduction or carving of the dental structure, being the main reason for patients to choose this technique.

For the realization of these veneers without carving, at the Dental Clinic Dávalos & Balboa, in Murcia, we work with the platinum sheet system, which is why these microcarillas are also known as platinum sheet veneers. The veneers are manufactured by brushing multiple layers of special aesthetic ceramic on a platinum frame, which is a very malleable noble metal that withstands very high temperatures without deforming or oxidizing.

The initial protocol to perform veneers without carving is similar to that performed for any other aesthetic treatment of our clinic. On the first visit, free and without any commitment, Dr. Dávalos, Specialist in Dental Aesthetics, will assess the case, since not all cases are suitable for the treatment of veneers without carving, will answer any questions you may have, he will take if You need photos and models for the aesthetic study and it will give you the possible treatment alternatives. Budget will be passed and once accepted, the DSD (Digital Smile Design) for the Smile Design will be made, and definitive measures would be taken for faceted veneers (since the tooth is not carved, there is no need to anesthetize or place veneers provisional) and ten days later the cemented adhesive of the same, the longest appointment will be made, since the veneers will have to be thoroughly prepared (hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, silanize the veneers several times, veneer adhesive, aesthetic cement for veneers … ), to achieve ideal adhesion.


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