Implantology of Immediate Function for Complete Arcades

Implantology for Complete Arcades

Implantology of Immediate Function for Complete Arcades.

The concept of loading and immediate function in complete arcades is born from the All On Four technique developed by Dr. Maló.

In the dental clinic of Murcia Dávalos & Balboa we perform a similar technique but with the advantage that the dental laboratory does not intervene in the entire post-surgical prosthetic process. The technique involves the use of only four implants to place a fixed denture of all the teeth of a jaw, and all this in a single day. Therefore, the patient improves his quality of life immediately and with minimal discomfort.

We emphasize that it is a revolutionary technique that allows you to restore the smile in a single day and with a minimally invasive surgery, thanks to advances in bioengineering, the use of innovative surgical techniques and new materials that reproduce lost oral tissues and our system Unique prosthetic, all performed in our dental clinic.



  • Jaws or jaws of edentulous patients.
  • Patients partially edentulous or completely jagged, but with teeth that are not viable.


  • Angled implants that are used in this technique, offer greater support for the prosthesis, so only 4 implants are used to rehabilitate an entire jaw.
  • It is a definitive treatment and only with four implants will it carry a fixed prosthesis.
  • Effective results in much shorter times. It allows the patient to resume his routine a few hours after the intervention.
  • Greater patient satisfaction, which will not carry removable prostheses after the intervention.
  • The entire treatment is performed in one visit: surgery and placement of the prosthesis.
  • The patient will not leave the office without teeth.
  • You can eat from the first day of the intervention.
  • Reduced number of visits, with respect to treatments with more implants and without teeth in the day.
  • You do not need any type of complementary surgery. All treatment is performed in a single intervention.
  • It does not require second interventions, nor any other additional surgery such as graft placement and second surgeries, so annoying for the patient.

Come to Dávalos & Balboa, dental clinic, in Murcia, we are looking forward to studying your case. We will offer you a detailed treatment plan and a budget without commitment. In addition, the entire pre-surgical study is free, including 3D planning with our Computerized Tomography team in our office.

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