Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate Dental Implants

Classically, Dental Implants have required bone healing times, during which, patients have had to postpone the enjoyment of their prosthesis on implants, in pursuit of the biology of bone repair, both for implant surgery (wait to put the implants until the dental extractions have healed), as for the prosthetic load on them (wait to take your prosthesis on implants until the healing of the dental implants).

In Davalos & Balboa we are leaders in Immediate Implantology in Murcia. Wear your teeth from day one.

The technique is one of the most advanced in current Implantology, and in Dávalos & Balboa, your trusted dental clinic in Murcia, we are specialized in it. From cases of unit teeth to cases of fixed rehabilitation of both jaws, do not hesitate to ask us to safely enjoy your fixed teeth from the first day. In the dental clinic of Murcia Dávalos & Balboa our patients enjoy from the first moment the comfort of fixed teeth.

When performing the Dental Implants technique with Immediate Load, on the same day the extraction of the teeth or in a deferred way with the dental loss, if that is the case, the Dental Implants will be inserted and the fully fixed provisional teeth will be made and placed, So the patient’s feeling is of total safety and comfort.

The advantages of immediate implantology are:

  • Dental extractions and implants are performed the same day. (The patient only undergoes treatment once)
  • By wearing the fixed crowns from day one, we avoid the patient the anguish of having to wear a removable device for 10 or 12 weeks. The patient does not suffer the insecurity of going without teeth or with removable, more uncomfortable and insecure temporary prostheses.
  • Nobody will notice that he wears a prosthesis, it does not show in appearance and when speaking.
  • They provide a sense of confidence and security, since they do not move or fall.
  • The teeth feel their own, you can eat from day one naturally.
  • It is a painless treatment, such as dental implant surgery without immediate loading.
  • It can be treated from a single tooth to complete arches.
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