Dental clinic prices Dávalos & Balboa

Dental clinic prices Dávalos & Balboa

In dental clinic Dávalos & Balboa, your trusted dental clinic in Murcia, we want you to feel at ease and in the best hands. The quality of the treatments and satisfaction of our patients is our hallmark, more than 5000 patients in the last four years attest to this. We are looking forward to meeting you, so we offer excellent prices and easy payment. In addition, we presume maximum transparency and honesty, so we have no problem in publicly exposing some 2019 prices and promotions:

Our prices and promotions in Orthodontics:

The first consultation in the clinic is free, as well as panoramic radiography and consultation with the specialist, accredited with Master in Orthodontics.

In addition to the current promotion, the Orthodontic Study, with photos and models, is also free. The orthodontist will take photos and models of your mouth, study your case, explaining what is the most appropriate treatment for you, with different alternatives (metal braces, Invisalign, Lingual Orthodontics, sapphire aesthetic braces), at no cost. Come and consult your case, we will be happy to help you

The price of orthodontics depends on the number of months of treatment and the need or not for additional appliances.

The price of the monthly revision with change of arches and ligatures is 69.90 euros, in metal orthodontics.

Our prices in Invisalign:

The price of a complete Invisalign Full treatment, currently, is € 3950 with the exclusive web promotion, requesting the appointment through the website. If your case is a simple case that can be corrected in a few months, Invisalign Lite is the ideal treatment for light corrections, and the price is only € 2800 with the exclusive web promotion, requesting the appointment through the website. Our clinic and Orthodontist have received the certificate of Invisalign Diamond Clinic 2019 in Murcia, the highest possible category, distinguishing itself from the rest of the clinics, thanks to the large number of cases successfully completed in previous years. The key to the acceptance of this treatment in our clinic has undoubtedly been word of mouth, which is what we are most proud of.

Our prices in Implantology:

In the dental clinic in Murcia Dávalos & Balboa we are accredited specialists in advanced computer-assisted implantology, a treatment that we make available to our patients, as well as our 3D CT, fundamental today for the placement of implants in the three-dimensional position perfect for the subsequent placement of the crown in the most aesthetic, functional and favorable position, which is free for our patients.

The price of the high-end implant finished in our clinic, including implant, second phase, porcelain crown and prosthetic attachments with total guarantee both in the implant and in the crown, is € 990.

In addition, we are specialists in Implantology 3 D, with implant and crown placed on the same day, both for a tooth, as several, even for a whole denatary arch, as well as minimally invasive implantology planned by computer.

Our prices in Aesthetics

We offer you the most spectacular and advanced treatments in this specialty, with our exclusive accredited specialist, so that you look your best smile, being able to modify the size, position, shape and color of the teeth and gums, performing the Digital Design of your Smile by computer, so you can see before you start what the result will be and we can decide together to the smallest detail before doing any treatment.

The price of:

  • The porcelain veneer in our clinic is € 390.
  • The composite veneer is € 195.
  • The zirconium crown is € 340.

In addition, we perform aesthetic treatments such as whitening, both laser and splints, Digital Smile Design by computer, coronary gum lengthening, treatment to remove stains, which we will be happy to explain, and we love to perform combined treatments of Implantology, Orthodontics and Invisalign and Aesthetics, our specialists in each area working together to perform treatments that will meet all your expectations.

Finally, remind you that we offer payment facilities such as dividing payments into different visits, financing up to 60 months, and up to 12 months without interest, or dividing it into monthly installments. Come and meet us, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU.

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